• About Us

      Sina insurance company was established on 1382/08/10 (01/11/2003) based on the establishment of act of non- governmental insurance companies with license number 23167 of Bimeh Markazi Iran (Central insurance of Iran) with the capital of 140 billion rials which totally was paid  and it has started up its own insurance operation since 1382/08/28 (19.11.2003). According to expansion in insurance activity and growth in insurance operation, the company increased its capital by 50% from 140 to 210 billion rials in the year 1385 (2006) and then it increased its capital by 90% in the year 1388 (2009) up to 400 billion rials .and in year 1394(2015) ,the capital of company was increased from 400 billion to 905 billion and according to an accurate planing, the capital of company will be reached to 1500 billion up to around the end of  year 1395(2016) . Sina insurance company with 905 billion Rial paid-up capital as a one of the well-known private insurance company in life insurance and nonlife insurance already is working.

      Already, Sina insurance company with 56 branches and more than 527 agencies has provided various insurance services to the people all over the country.