• Life insurance


      The purpose of Sina Life and Investment Insurance is to provide a relaxing environment for all the living moment, whether in the present or in the future. Sina Insurance offers integrated insurance coverage together with long-term financial planning for the future of your family members.


      Insurance integrated coverage against life risks:

      This policy has provided certain solutions for the life risks and offers integrated coverage to different people as per the following:



      Insurance coverage types:

      1.     Life insurance coverage: in case of Death of The Assured during the Period of policy due to any reason, then the Sum Assured is paid to the beneficiaries who have already been determined by the Assured.

      2.     Death due to accident: usually, people are more concerned about dying due to accidents more than natural death. In this coverage, in case the death of assured during the Period of policy due to accident, then between one and four times the Sum Assured is paid to the beneficiaries.

      3.     Impairment and disability due to accident: in case the accident occurs for the insured results in partial or total impairment or disability, then Sina Insurance pays a certain percentage of the Sum Assured equal for the impairment.

      4.     The insured being exempted from payment of insurance premium: when the Assured and Policy Holder are the same person and suffers to permanent and total disability due to accident or disease, then up to the end of the policy Period and maximum up to 10 years he/she shall be exempted from premium payment. Additionally, other policy coverage items shall continue.

      5.     Refractory diseases coverage: these include different types of cancers, cerebral apoplexy, heart attack, coronary vessels surgery, and implantation of major body parts which inflict huge expenditures to the family. Through payment of sum insured of refractory diseases equal to 30% of life insurance sum insured, Sina Insurance assists the insured parties in compensating for the health expenditures.





      Financial Investment:

      Insurance coverage cost shall be deducted from the premium paid by the insured and the balance shall be invested in the best business opportunities and the resulted profit shall be added to the same on a daily-counted basis. Depending on the purpose of the insured from investment, the investment may provide relaxation for the elderly times, supplies children educational costs, marriage and provide job opportunities.

      Other features of Sina Life and Investment Insurance:

      -         Loan:

      paying loan to the insured without guarantor up to 90% of the repurchase value of insurance Policy and Subject to payment of at least 2 years premium

      -         Profit Commission :

       contribution of the insured in more than 85% of the excessive profits resulted from Sina Insurance investment In Addition to guaranteed profit

      -         Withdrawal from reserves:

      after two years of Payment premium and formation of reserve fund, the insured may withdraw a certain part or the entire of his/her reserve.

      -         Pension:

      paying the policy reserve in the form of pension at the end of policy period .  

      -         Keeping money value and compensation for the inflation negative effect:

      the option to annual increasing premium and Sum Assured of insurance coverage to keep the money value and compensation for the inflation negative effect

      -         Changes in the policy conditions:

       by the end of each insurance year, and in proportion to the changes in the needs and living conditions, the insured may change the policy conditions.

      -         Tax advantage:

      profits resulted from policy, inter alia Sum Insured and investment reserve, are exempted from taxation

      -         Primary deposit:

       the insured may deposit a certain amount in addition to the payable premium in a single payment and take benefit from the guaranteed profit and profits Commission .

      -         Repurchase:

       the policy may be repurchased prior to the expiration of the policy period that payment of Premium at least For one year premium.