• Car insurance

      Third Party Liability (TPL)

      It is applied as compulsory based on the law. In fact, it is a guaranty by the vehicle's owner to the Third parties so that in case of accident and imposing physical damages and bodily injury, will be compensated by the insurer.

      Bodily injury: are referred to any blood money or value resulted from damage, breakage, impairment, disability (partial or total- permanent or temporary) or Third Party death blood money due to accidents subject to insurance of this act.

      Paying blood money is made based on the cheapest type (currently, camel).

      In case the death occurs in Moharram months i.e. (Zighadeh , Zihajeh , Rajab ), one-third of the blood money shall be added to the same.

      Physical damages are referred to the losses imposed to the properties of the Third party due to insured events.

      The minimum Physical damages of Third Party Policy shall be 2.5% of maximum blood money in the said months.


      Some Notes on discount and penalty on Third party Liability.

      Multiple damages fine: each of the Third party policy has 4 coupons, one of which shall be taken away upon accident. In such case, the following penalty are applied upon extension:






      4 times

      Physical damages





      Bodily injury






      Delay penalty:

      in case any vehicle has no Third party liability policy , then per day of delay (differs based on vehicle type) a penalty shall be applicable on the same.

      No- claim discount:

       in order to encourage and insured upon driving, those drivers who have no claim during on year policy period shall be granted with the following discount upon policy extension;

      2nd year: 10%

      3rd year: 15%

      4th year: 20%

      5th year: 30%

      6th year: 40%

      7th year: 50%

      8th year: 60%

      9th year and more: 70%


      Car passenger insurance:

      this policy is offered as complementary coverage of Third party liability policy and excess cover, according to which the defaulting driver may use such coverage.


      Motor Hull insurance

      It compensates for the risks of accidents occurs for the car, and usually includes three risks of total theft, fire and accident; however, there are other additional perils such as broken glass due to any reason, at site theft of accessories and parts, stoppage during vehicle repairs, damages resulted from chemicals, which may also be insured by payment of additional premium.

      a.     Main risks

      1.     Accident:

      the damages caused from collision of the insured object to a mobile or static object or collision by other objects to the insured object and/or capsize and fallen of the same and/or in case during movement the insured subject

      2.     Fire:

      The damages imposed to the object of insurance or its main spare parts are damaged due to fire, lightning, explosion.

      3.     Total theft:

       in case the insured object is stolen and/or due to theft or commencement thereof the vehicle and its additional parts mentioned in the policy are damaged. Meanwhile in this regard, in case within 60 days the stolen car is not discovered, the insured may transfer his deed to the insurer and receive his damages.


      b.    Additional perils

      With payment of  a little premium, the insured may obtain insurance for the risks not covered in the regular policies.

      These include:

      1.     At site theft:

       stolen car accessories and parts such as player, rings and tires, side mirrors, and other respective items may be compensated

      2.     Broken glass:

       in case the vehicle glass is broken due to causes other than the main risks, such as thrown stone or due to temperature fluctuations, it may be compensated

      3.     Compensation due to not using the vehicle due to repairs:

       in case due to accident the car is transferred to repairs shop, then for non-using thereof, a daily compensation shall be aid to the insured, while in case of buying such coverage it shall be valid up to 30 days

      4.     Natural disasters:

       risks of flood, Earthquake, eruption, etc. are covered by payment additional premium

      5.     Chemicals:

      damages inflicted due to chemicals (acid, paint etc) are compensated in this coverage

      Notes on the manner of paying the premium and discounts: upon car body insurance policy, the insured may pay 30% in cash and the balance in installments. In order to encourage those insured who have not accident during the term of their car body insurance, discount is applied. No damages discount shall be deducted from premium upon renewing the next year insurance



      1.     No Claim Bonus

      1 year: 25%

      2 years: 35%

      3 years: 45%

      4 years and more: 60%


      2.     Unused cars discount 20% (for those which have been registered within the past month)


      3.     Cash discount: 10%



      4.     Academic board members discount: 20%


      5.     Group discount: 10~25%



      Note: maximum applicable discount shall be 60% (70% for cash payment)