• Engineering insurance

      Today, engineering insurance is considered as one of the important indicators in conducting production and civil works, the growth of which in any country shows the promotion of civil and constructiveness in such country. From amongst the important advantages of engineering insurance is that it meets the need or the insured to acquire several insurance policy to cover the different risks considering its extensive range which covers several and various risks.


      In this regard, Sina Insurance Company issues engineering insurance policies domestically and overseas and is now active in various fields as per the following:


      -         Contractors all risk insurance- CAR

      -         Erection all risk insurance- EAR

      -         Civil engineering complemented risks insurance- c.e.c.r

      -         Machinery breakdown insurance- MB

      -         Contractors plant & machinery insurance- CPM

      -         Electronic equipment insurance- EE

      -         Property all risk insurance

      -         Major and hidden defects of building insurance

      -         Oil and energy insurance

      -         Machinery integrated insurance