• Freight insurance

      It is coverage offered by the insurer against receiving proper premium with the type of requested insurance by the insured, undertakes that in case of imposing any damages to the insured goods during transportation from the origin to the destination mentioned in the policy and due to occurrence of any of the risks mentioned therein, and/or the insured is subject to paying certain costs based on the international rules and regulations, then the insurer shall compensate for the same together with the relevant costs.


      Marin Cargo insurance is classified into the following three ways:

      -         Based on means of transport: air, rail or road

      -         Based on Territorial scope coverage - import, export, domestic

      -         Based on insurance coverage - total loss-  a-  b- c


      Risks covered under a- b- c condition are as per the following:

      -         Fire or explosion: clauses a-  b- c

      -         Stranding , collision with seabed, sunk or fallen down ship or vessel, explosion: clauses a-  b- c

      -         Capsize or deviation from way by road or rail and explosion , including clauses: a-  b- c

      -         Vessel collision, with any object other than water, offloading in emergency port, explosion: clauses a-  b- c

      -         Sacrificing goods during general average explosion: clauses a-  b- c

      -         Jettison of enlighten vessel, explosion: clauses a-  b- c

      -         Total dissipation of any package in the vessel and/or total loss of the same due to dropped during unloading. Offloading the vessel, explosion, including clauses a-  b

      -         Earthquake, eruption, lightning, explosion: a-  b

      -         Accidental dropped goods into the sea, explosion, clauses: a-  b

      -         Penetration of water of sea, lake, river into the vessel, goods case, container or storeroom explosion clauses: a-  b

      -         Greasy position, broken area, niche, watered area, forked area and fallen, defect and hook damages areas: a-  b


      Clause A includes the most complete coverage and covers all the risks except otherwise specified.





      Cash In safe

      Banks, institutes, companies and in other words all the legal and natural persons may insure their money comprise of  , cash and bonds and coins permanently against risks and accidents resulted from weapon-based or non-weapon-based thefts (burglaries), possession by force and threat, fire, lightning, explosion within the territory of the country before insurance companies.


      Money in transit

      Banks, institutes, companies obtain insurance coverage to transfer money from their offices to the banks and affiliated units or vice-versa and/or different destinations in urban and suburban areas throughout the country against risks and accidents resulted from fire, lightning, explosion, weapon-based or non-weapon-based thefts (burglaries), accident and possession by force of the money van.